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Since we’re a collective of online casino gambling junkies, we have amassed quite an extensive list of links we think are useful to RTG fans, casino gamblers, and people interested in the legality and practice of online gaming. We aren’t getting paid or compensated for providing this list; it’s just a short selection of our favorite links.

Check these resources out to get the skinny on playing casino games online. We consider this list complete, so please don’t stuff our inbox with linkback requests or suggestions for new links. Enjoy the links we’ve provided – hopefully, you’ll learn something that makes your time at your favorite RTG casino a bit more lucrative. We may from time to time update this space to include new or interesting information we find around the Web.

1. Real Time Gaming – The homepage for our favorite casino game software designer. The site often has features for new games, articles about new casinos adopting the software, and info generally useful to members of RTG casinos. Bookmark this page if you join a Real Time Gaming property, as we think it’ll come in handy.

2. All You Need to Know About Probability – If you’re new to gambling, online- or otherwise, it’s really important to understand some basics about probability and math. Casino gambling is basically just math in action. No matter what your game of choice, mathematics is at the heart of it. This collection of pages on probability from the University of Tennessee is like a crash course in gambling math. Spend a half hour here and you’ll be better prepared to tackle all kinds of games of chance and skill. A must-bookmark for smart casino gamblers.

3. Understanding Gambling Addiction – This well-written article from MIT explains the ins and outs of gambling addiction better than any of us could ever do it. None of the staff at NewRTGCasinos.org has ever had a gambling addiction problem, but we wanted to provide this resource in case any of our readers or their loved ones have questions about this very serious mental illness, one which is easy to take control of and even cure.

4. Casino Mathematics – We don’t want to beat this point to death, but then again we really do. All of us became better gamblers once we spent a little time studying the statistics and mathematical details behind the games we love. Put together by the UNLV Center for Gaming Research, this resource of all things casino math gathers material on casino gambling and the mysterious probabilities that work on them in one easy-to-search location. A good resource for gambling beginners and old pros alike. The paragraph on “Probability vs. Odds” is of particular interest to online gaming fans, who often don’t know the difference, and lose money because of it.

5. A History of Gambling in the United States – The vast majority of the staff at this site are Americans, though we have a few European- and Asian-based gamers working for us, too. The history of gambling law in the US is complex. We wanted to show this article to explain how murky the legalities of some types of gaming are in America, but also to point out that (unless you live in one of the eight US states with specific laws on the books against gambling over the Internet) you are not breaking any laws, nor do you face any arrest or fine, simply for placing bets at RTG casinos from the USA. For more info on the legality of casino gambling on the Internet, consult a legal professional familiar with casino gaming laws in your state or country.